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A few of our FAQs:

  • How do I find an item I want?

    There are a few ways to locate an item in Quickable. In the app, you can...

    • Select the “Browse” button and search for a specific item or search by category
    • Select the “Nearby” button to locate items... well, nearby
    • Choose “Scan” which allows you to scan a bar code.

    You can also search our product catalogue and buy off of our website,

  • How do I buy an item?

    Select the “Buy Now” button to offer a full price offer on the item or, if the seller is willing to take offers, you can select the “Make Offer” button. In both cases the seller has 24 hours to accept and complete the transaction.

  • How do I sell an item?

    1) Search a few keywords or scan a bar code to get an automated product description.
    2) Take as many pictures of your item as you like (we host the images for free!), or import from Dropbox or your phone”s photo gallery.
    3) Set the price and rate the items condition.
    4) Then decide which marketplaces on which to list the item, select PUBLISH and that’s it!
    5) Your items will now appear on each of the Marketplaces you selected and will be searchable both locally and nationally by Quickable buyers and sellers.

  • How do I accept an offer in Quickable?

    Easily accept or decline an offer by clicking on the envelope in the Message Center located on the Home Screen > Select the appropriate message > Press accept or decline.

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